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People have already familiar with RV trips. Most of them use motorhomes to travel, but some choose to explore their creativity by converting a regular van into a fully-working van camping vehicle. Many van builders have successfully converted their van into an RV which is surprisingly very affordable. So, after you convert your van for a camping trip with a budget, why don’t you also plan for a super cheap van camping trip? If you want to learn more about it, let’s take a look at the guide below.

Budget Tips for Van Camping Trip

How to Choose the Most Affordable Camping Styles

There are several ways to save money on an RV, but to start with, you'll want to opt for the total of amenities and services you'd like. I've divided the camping opportunities into three courses:

  1. Full hookup camping. This really is the most costly type of absolute hookups usually contain connections to electricity, sewer, and water, however, a couple of luxuries besides, providing cable television, telephone and other amenities. This really is the most expensive technique to camp. However, it is still possible to find an inexpensive campground. Most private campgrounds that offer full hookups also offer the option of partial hookups (electricity or electricity and water, but no sewer) to find a less expensive rate.
  2. Boondocking. Boondocking, also known as dry camping, means camping in organic areas with no amenities. Boondocking is one of the least expensive camping types, since you don't pay for utilities, clubhouses or possibly many amenities.
  3. Overnight Parking. This is occasionally called parking lot camping, it can also be free, dry camping, which is usually only acceptable for overnight stays. City and county ordinances along with businesses will regulate overnight parking in store and business parking lots. However, experienced campers know that businesses immediately welcome campers as long as there is no city ordinance prohibiting it. It is pretty much always a good idea to contact the manager before parking overnight.

How to Find Cheap Campgrounds

Budget Tips for Van Camping TripThe easiest way to find a cheap campground is to get discounts on camping membership. But first, you should join the van camping or RV camping trip communities. It is very easy because we love their staff and Passport America because they have so many participating campgrounds across the country. Some also have limits on how many times you can use the reduction. This is very true for resort-style park reductions because they use the discounts to entice campers to try their resort in hopes that they will stay longer at full price.

How to Camp in National Forests for Free

National forests are another place to camp for free or cheap. Most national forest campgrounds admire the impressive U.S. moves, but their campgrounds are a wonderful buy despite this. National forest campgrounds may be in areas off the beaten path, but they are inexpensive and often have unexpected amenities like water and electricity. Since some of these campgrounds are in remote areas, it's a wonderful idea to make sure your equipment fits the campsites before you proceed - plan ahead.

How to Save More Money on Camping Trips

When you are looking for great places to camp, don't forget to check out Center Engineer campsites near the water. COE campgrounds are usually well designed and also have sites with full hookups plus electricity and water. Some COE sites have dry camping sites that are free or very low priced.

Municipal parks and fairgrounds are also places to try in your search for affordable camping options. Sometimes they are harder to find. However, we have found that state and city information centers have many helpful details about camping. Many people on a tight budget can usually find that camping fits trying new places, and new camping trends can open doors to scenic encounters you never dreamed possible. Happy travels!